Gift shop/ Jewelry retail store

Type of business

Gift shop/ Jewelry retail store

City, State

Ocean City NJ

Job Title

Retail salesperson

Job Description

Customer service, sales, cash register, inventory, merchandising, social media, event planning

Is Skype/Phone Interview required

Yes, Skype interview with all applicants

Pay Rate

$8.38/hr overtime is $12.57/hr

On average 8-15hors overtime, based on performance

How many hours the students will work a week

32-40 hours, training period is first 2 weeks

Full-time after training, up to 55 hrs weekly, overtime rate at 12.57/hr

No second job available, as it conflicts with primary schedule

Level of English Required

Conversational to Advanced

Requested Program Dates

June 1st15th to September 15th


Females (2-3)

Conditions to be met upon

arrival before the students can start working

i.e. Receipt from Social Security Administration. Pre-employment testing.

Uniforms. What is provided and what needs to be brought

Professional attire, black/white preferred, skirt or dress, heels are optional. Hair do and make up daily

Is Housing Provided

Yes, shared apartment a block from worksite

Estimated Cost

$110 a week per person, security deposit 120

Additional Information

We are looking for female applicants that can look presentable, not necessarily a model type, just an average girl-next-door type.